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Most often, running backs in the National Football League are compared by taking summary statistics from each play. Traditional metrics include yards-per-carry, expected points added per play (EPA), and win probability added per play (WPA). While comparing players based on these their averages is the straightforward, means can be sensitive to outlying observations and distributions with heavy tails. Unfortunately, yards, EPA, and WPA are all strongly skewed, which means that taking averages may not be an optimal approach.



I taught the following courses at Skidmore College:

  • MS 104: Intro to Statistics
  • MS 204: Statistical Methods (Github)
  • MS 210: Data Visualization and storytelling (Github)
  • MA 204: Probability (Github)
  • MS 276: Statistics and Sports (Github)
  • MS 376: Mathematical Statistics
  • MS 240: Regression